Dashboard Integration

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Integration API

The Panel is an application that runs on android, and allows you to call users.

It uses a smart tv, or tv box connected to a tv.

However, using the correct protocol, any application can simulate the responses, performing the same function as the TV BOX.

The purpose of this document is to detail the protocol allowing customizations.

Panel Protocol

The Dashboard can be integrated through a simple API.

In this tutorial, we will describe how to perform the integration in the PANEL.

The PANEL always looks for a connection on the server through port 8096.

The PANEL, requests update every 300ms, repeating the request constantly.

The Dashboard is a client connection, which always sends a command to the server.

The Server is always the machine located at IP of the local network, in versions greater than 1.2, it is possible to change the ip of the server, by clicking on the clock.

Therefore, the server needs to be fixed through a FIXED IP, in your DHCP network.

This server, in turn, can respond with commands that will be interpreted by it.



This command calls a given number from a specific group.

Available from version 1.0 on


GUICHE>[nro guiche]:[password];

Command Syntax

The NRO GUICHE – It is the number of the attendant or window.

PASSWORD – It is the password that will be called.


This command performs the modification of the label of the indicated group.

Planned as of version 1.3


GROUP>[nro group]:[text];

Command Syntax

GROUP NRO- It is the number of the Group that will appear in the terminal

Text- It is the label that will be displayed in the terminal.


This command performs the modification of the message label.

Available from version 1.2 onwards