Temperature sensor

Open Hardware and Open Source project aimed at monitoring areas that are sensitive to temperature variation.

With this equipment, it is possible to manage the temperature of cold rooms, warehouses or CPDs in real time.

The system has 2 hardware variations:

  • PC-connected peripheral (MSTemp01)
  • IoT equipment (MSTemp02)


The project comes with hardware integration software.


The Project is Open Hardware and Open Source, it allows the construction of the equipment, as well as the use free of charge. However, its redistribution or modification is subject to the prior authorization of the Manufacturer (Maurinsoft). Maurinsoft is also entitled to sell and sell this equipment, as well as its legal representatives.

Maurinsoft does not allow the change or customization of its software, including and not limited to equipment applications and firmware.


Maurinsoft produces solutions for your company, it can customize the solution according to your needs.

We only charge for the sale of finished parts and for consulting on modifications.

Peripheral – MSTemp01

This equipment aims to control the temperature through a USB port connected to a PC.

In addition to the software, we provide specific software, which provides the temperature through a WebAPI, which can be read by your ERP.

Open Hardware product MSTemp01

With an accuracy of 0.1 C, the equipment allows constant or seasonal use. Can be programmed for occasional readings.

Recorded Temperature and Humidity

IoT equipment – MSTemp02

The MSTemp02 product – is a temperature monitoring server, send JSON.

It has an Ethernet connection, which allows you to read the temperature.

MSTemp02 – Front view
MSTemp02 – Rear view

We can see the ETHERNET port connections of this device.




The project has a WIKI allowing understanding about the product.

Check out the wiki for this product.